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We’ve launched BoxerFanPage.com with many of your suggestions as a community for Boxer parents to connect and share! Check out the photos in our galleries and upload your own on the right or in each respective gallery.  Make sure to add one to the caption contest gallery too, where everyone can comment, suggest a caption and be voted on.

Gallery - See all the different gallery categories here or in the post below.

Resources - Check out some posts with tips about having a Boxer.  We’d love for you to contribute, so if you want to write posts for us, please get in touch!

Coupons, Discounts and Deals – We’ve got some deals set up with some of the top pet retailers online, check here for coupons and discounts.

Boxer Rescue – Find a list of Boxer Rescue organizations here.

Discussion Forum – Use the forum to say “hello” to other Boxer fans, post about puppies you have available or want, or ask any questions you have.

Contact - Use this form to get in touch with us, or simply shoot us an email at info@boxerfanpage.com.

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Boxer Pictures


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Last Chance to Get Your Boxer T-Shirt / Hoodie / V-Neck!


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Boxer Fan Page members – last chance to order a limited edition shirt, hoodie, or v-neck!

Get them here:

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Meet the Two-Legged, Full-Hearted Boxer Duncan Lou


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Duncan Lou Who was born with a birth defect. His two back legs had to be removed earlier in his life. By the looks of it, though, he’s as happy as ever and full of joy and life – typical Boxer!

Check out this video of him having a blast at the beach:

He’s currently in good hands at Panda Paws Rescue.

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Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts for Boxer Lovers


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stuffedBoxerLooking for a Valentines Day gift for your lover? Does your lover also love Boxers? Perfect!

Here are some awesome gifts that they’re sure to like. While one of these gifts alone might not be enough, a combination would be a thoughtful packaged gift curated by you. Check out the suggestions below.

Buying a gift for a Boxer mom?


Check out some more here or check out Boxer jewelry options here!

Buying a gift for a Boxer dad?


Check out some more here!

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Super Bowl Puppy Bowl Special


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Boxer Fan Page is rooting for August in the Puppy Bowl!

Boxer Fan Page is rooting for August in the Puppy Bowl!

If you haven’t seen, this year’s Puppy Bowl is featuring a beautiful uncropped, undocked Boxer puppy named August. Check out her profile video here: Puppy Bowl Video Profiles


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Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Boxer Owners


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You didn't get your Christmas gifts yet??

You didn’t get your Christmas gifts yet??

Haven’t had time to get a gift, been busy, or simply forgot?

No worries! We’ve got you covered. Here are some suggestions available at Amazon with FREE one-day shipping! So if you order this weekend, you get it by Monday the 23rd!

And if all else fails or you don’t see something you like, there are always the tried and true gift cards.

Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones <3.

First up…

These awesome cuff links are great for any Boxer dad. They cost a pretty penny, but would make an awesome gift if you can afford it!

Boxer watches…

The next four are cool, fun inexpensive watches with Boxer faces or backdrops. A couple are more “fun” looking, while the other two are a little more serious. Got the time?

We hope this helps! Enjoy the holidays, stay safe, and don’t forget something for your Boxer, too!

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Food Aggression in Boxers


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The Boxer breed is sometimes naturally aggressive, and so when dealing with an issue such as food aggression it is important to realize and reinforce your position as the alpha member of the family pack.  Unless you feel absolutely confident in your ability to handle your dog then it is recommended that a professional dog trainer is consulted.  Obedience training in a group setting with qualified instructors is also a good bet.

If you do feel confident in your abilities the following exercise may also be of help.  This exercise involves removing the dogs’ bowl from the equation.  This is a solitary exercise – no animals should be fed together.  Try to feed your dog at the same time every day, this will relieve some anxiety on his part.

For the next few weeks you will feed the dog by hand thereby establishing yourself as a food giver.  Over time the bowl can be re-introduced, but place no food in the bowl.  Gradually place your hand in the bowl with the food, then a little food in the bowl until gradually, in your presence, he is eating his entire meal from the bowl. Try to make this a calm and pleasant time for your pet.  Training takes a great deal of patience and consistency, both of which only you can give your dog.

What other tips and tricks do you have for fellow Boxer owners about overcoming food aggression?  Comment below!

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What do you think of this website?


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Submit a comment on this post and let everyone know!  Give us your suggestions of what you’d like to see.

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